ONAROCK LABRADORS is located in beautiful Eastport, Newfoundland, Canada. (Click on the link at the bottom of the page on the left to "visit" Eastport.)

We are approximately 275 km west of St. John's and 90 km east of Gander. Puppy delivery is available to St. John's and area as well as Gander. For other locations, delivery options are discussed on an individual basis. We also ship puppies via airlines out of St. John's and Gander.

We are Wade Sutton and Shona Allured-Sutton and our passion for the breed includes excelling in Conformation shows and and producing quality Labradors for both pet and shows. ALL our dogs have appropriate health clearances including hip, elbow, EIC genetic testing, and eye clearances! This includes PRA genetic eye testing! (See Health Clearance information on the "Breeder Beware" page of our website!)  Both of us have strong backgrounds in Genetics and Biology. Wade has a Bachelor of Physical Education and Bachelor of Education with a concentration in Biology. Shona has a Bachelor of Science (Biology), Bachelor of Education and her Masters degree. Shona has extensive experience in genetics including teaching Biology and Genetics at the provincial college.

We are members in good standing of the Canadian Kennel Club, The Newfoundland (all breed) Kennel Club, the Labrador Retriever Club of Canada (LRCC),  and the Atlantic Labrador Retriever (ALRC) Club.

We love our dogs and they are very important family members. Therefore, we only have a small number of dogs living with us in our home and they are NOT kennel dogs. Some of our dogs live with other friends or family members and enjoy the same quality of life as the dogs that live with us. Our dogs enjoy daily walks on the sandy beaches, swims in the ocean and nearby ponds, or walks in the forest trails. They get lots of exercise every day! Their remaining time is spent in the home or with one or both of us outside when we doing outside activities.  We are passionate about owning, showing, and breeding our dogs and they live in the home and have a very high quality of life. Our recreation and daily activities revolve around our dogs. 

We are striving to produce quality puppies to maintain and improve a high standard in the breed. When we have a litter, we go through great lengths and spare no expense to ensure pups are healthy, conform to the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) breed standard and have wonderful temperaments. We seek the typical friendly, loving Labrador temperament that makes it such a wonderful family member. All our labs have this loving temperament and enjoy a family lifestyle. Home for them is on the bed, the couch, or hanging out wherever we are.

Our puppies are home-raised from birth to the time they leave for their new homes and receive MANY hours of attention every day. When we plan a litter, we do so knowing that there will be someone home with the pups at ALL times. In addition, they are well socialized with other dogs, children, adults and a variety of new environments before going to their new homes.  All pups are de-wormed, tattooed, CKC registered, well socialized, and vaccinated. Also, all puppies have written health guarantees. 

Inquiries are welcome and we encourage all who are considering a new family member to carefully research and be sure that any dog purchased is the quality desired! We welcome and encourage any questions that potential new owners might have regardless of where future owners consider getting their new puppy. Research and knowledge are critical to ensure a future puppy is what you want him/her to be! If considering a puppy from us, we recommend contacting us ASAP since we have few litters, do not have pups available throughout the year, but do have wait lists. We empasize quality and NOT quantity. We also stay in touch with and answer any questions that owners of our puppies may have in the future. 



Wade and Shona Sutton
P. O. Box 54
Eastport, NL
A0G 1Z0
(709) 677-3569