Shona's first Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH) as well as Champion Show Dogs owned by others and some Champion Show dogs we have co-owned who are not a part of our breeding program.


OTCH Opeongo's Taiga Tess 

Shona's first  OTCH in 1984


BPIS CAN CH Onarock Woodenbridge Britney 

Emile Thibodeau,  NB

BPIS CAN CH Woodenbridge Onarock Bailey

Isla Radford, NL


CAN CH Onarock Woodenbridge Ozzy 

Emile Thibodeau  & Adeline Ward, NB

CAN CH Onarock's Koda of the Gael 

John O'Rourke, NL


CAN CH Onarock's Pied Piper

John O'Rourke, NL


BPIS CAN CH Onarock's Dozer of the Land 

Dean and Janet Osmond, NL


CAN CH Pirate Onarock Gold Cache

Karey Mackay, NL

CAN CH  Onarock's Rowed to Landnsea 

Tony Moores and Imelda McDonald, NL

CAN CH Onarock's Bigger Bang Jagger 

Irene and Ken Abbott, NL


CAN CH Onarock's Fish and Brewis 

Meagan Parsons, NL



CAN CH  Onarock's Ode Dee of Labrodawn

Dawn and Rod Killough, B.C. 






CAN CH Onarock's Tuckamore Darby 

Kim and Lester Pike,  NL

BPIS CAN CH  Eagertrieve Onarock Atticus

Lynda and Jason Al-Molky,  NL

CAN CH  Onarock's Brigodee to Labrodawn

Dawn and Rod Killough, B.C. 




CAN CH Onarock's  Tremendous Torque

LLoyd and Stephanie Osmond,  NL

CAN CH Onarock's  Doolin Desperado 

Irene and Ken Abbott,  NL