While not of interest to everyone, some people like to know what is involved n obtaining a Canadian Show Championship and what the terminology means. I have attempted to explain such below.


Requirements To Win A Canadian Championship:

(a) Requires a total of 10 championship points under at least three different judges.

(b) Dog must be individually registered with the CKC.


All-Breed Show

An event where dogs are judged as to how closely each CONFORMS (hence the term "conformation") to it's own breed's written standard of perfection. Often shows are accompanied by Obedience Trials, Junior Handlingp Competition, and some non-regular class events such as sweepstakes and Canine Good Neighbour (CGN) tests. Exhibitors are usually happy to talk to you about their breed, their breeding program, etc. after they have finished showing.


Winners Bitch

The class (aka "unfinished" or "non-champion") bitch who has defeated all other class bitches of that breed at that show is the ONE female of that breed to be awarded points towards her championship . The first place winners from each of the bitch classes in that breed that day, compete for Winners Bitch. This would be the 1st place 6-9 month Puppy Bitch, the 1st place 9-12 Puppy Bitch, the 1st place 12-18 month Bitch, the 1st Place Bred-by Bitch, the First place Can-Bred Bitch, and the 1st place Open Bitch. After one Winners Bitch is selected, the bitch who originally took 2nd place to her in the classes is asked to come in and compete with the remaining bitches for "Reserve Winners Bitch." The winner of the "Reserve" is like a "runner- up" and is only awarded points if, in the future, the Winners Bitch is found to be disqualified for some reason and the award is disallowed. During the Best of Breed competition, which is held after all class dogs (male and female) of that breed have been judged, the Winners Bitch and Winners Dog compete with each other for "Best of Winners." They may also be awarded Best of Breed (BOB) or Best of Opposite  Sex (BOS) to the BOB against the other, already finished champions in the BOB competition.


Winners Dog

Same as above, but for males. Substitute "Dog" for "Bitch" where appropriate.


Best of Winners (BOW)

A competition between the Winners Dog and the Winners Bitch, held during the Best of Breed Competition, whereby the two dogs are judged as to which one is considered to be most closely conformed to its written breed standard. The winner of BOW receives the highest number of points given to that breed's WD or WB that day. For instance, if it was only two points in Dogs that day, and 4 points in Bitches, and the Dog won Best of Winners, he, too would be awarded 4 points.


Best of Breed 

All the winners in a certain breed’s classes are placed together by sex. The pick male and female will then compete against each other with the Specials  for the Best of Breed title and the Best of Opposite Sex title.


Group Placements 

Best of Breed Winners compete against other breed winners within a Group for 1st through 4th rosettes for the top 4 dogs in the group! The 1st place winner then competes with the other group winners in the Best in Show!!! Any group placement is a big accomplishment! A group 1st is quite prestigious! 


Best in Show 

Is a coveted award given to the ONE dog who, at the end of an all-breed dog show, has successfully defeated ALL other dogs of all breeds entered that day  by being judged to be the dog who, on that day, is considered to be the most closely conforming to it's own breed's written standard of excellence. The rosette given for a BIS win is red, white and blue.



1. Dog – MALE .

2.Bitch – Not a derogatory term! Bitch simply means a canine of the female persuasion.

3.CKC – Canadian Kennel Club. This is the registry for purebred dogs in Canada. It is the main club that breed clubs, breeders, and dog shows turn to for rules and regulations, as well as dog and litter registration.

4.Conformation – The judging of a dog on looks, structural build, gait, expression, and breed standard. Conformation classes are broken up into groups, breeds, sex, and age.

5.Group – There are seven acknowledged groups at an CKC show. These are Sporting, Non-Sporting, Hound, Working, Herding, Terrier, and Toy.

6.Sporting group – Made up mainly of setters, retrievers and spaniels

7.CH or Can CH. – This is an abbreviation used in the official CKC names, pedigrees, and show books. It stands for the term Champion. Receiving the set number of points the CKC requires at several dog shows will award a dog the title of Champion. Similarly, CH or Am CH means American Champion.

8. BIS - Best in Show (A dog who is awarded the overall win at an all breed show wins a Best in Show. That is the top prize!)

9. BPIS - Best Puppy in Show - (A dog is awarded the overall puppy win at an all breed show wins a Best Puppy in Show).

Multi or M appearing before a name such as MBIS or Multi BIS means the win has been attained more than once!

10. BB or BOB (Best of Breed) - being awarded overall breed win! In case of Labradors, the Lab chosen overall breed winner for a show is awarded a BB as best Lab!

11. BOS - Best of Opposite Sex - Similar to Best of Breed except the winning dog/bitch is awarded best female or best male that is the opposite of the sex of the Best of Breed winner.

12. BISS - Best in Specialty Show - means the dog has won a specialty show. That is a show with only Labradors or particular breed specialty involved and was awarded top dog over ALL other competitors!

13. BOSS - Best of Opposite at a Specialty - Means the dog has been awarded top male or top female that is the opposite sex of the BISS winner!

14. Reserve – The second best dog of each sex. This dog will step up to compete if for some reason the winner of the best of breed class can’t continue competition in the Group classes.

15. Group – All the best of breed winners will then go into their respective group and compete against each other. In other words, all the different herding dog winners would be in the ring at the same time. One Collie would compete against one German Shepherd, one Corgi, one Shetland Sheepdog, etc.

16. Handler - The person presenting the dog in competition. Often a term used to refer to a professional handler.

17. Judge -official tasked with evaluating and comparing how well, in his/her opinion, and in comparison to the other dogs entered in the class that day, a dog conforms to its breed's written standard of excellence. Other performance events also have official judges.

18. Specialty Show- A show consisting of only one breed, given by a Specialty Club. Specialty Clubs are groups of individuals (breeders, exhibitors, pet enthusiasts, etc.) who share a passion for a specific breed and who host events specific to the promotion of that breed. Specialties usually draw a large entry of dogs and wins are considered honorible within the national family of breed fanciers.

19.. Sweepstakes-A non-regular class, usually offered at a specialty show specifically designed to recognize outstanding young dogs and puppies of that breed. Winners of Best in Sweeps, Best of Opposite in Sweeps, and often all of the class winners receive a portion of the entry fees as prizes. This is the only time where money prizes are normally awarded.


Classes and terms used at dog shows

Junior Puppy - 6 months - 9 months old

Senior Puppy - 9 months - 12 months old

12 months to 18 month class

Bred by Exhibitor - Bred by the handler exhibiting the dog

Canadian Bred - The breeder of the dog is Canadian

Open - a dog older than 18 months who has not yet obtained a Championship

Specials Only - Dogs who have already obtained a show Championship. 


The first place winners of each of these classes in each sex compete for Winners Dog or Winners Bitch. These two remaining dogs are the only dogs of that breed who, at that show, receive points towards their championships. These two dogs also compete in the Specials Only class for Best of Breed that day.


The Best of Breed winner then competes in his Group (Group 1 Sporting) and the 1st to 4th place winners get ribbons and possibly extra points towards a Championship if not already a Special! 
If a dog wins his Group with a Group 1st, he competes with all the other Group winners for the top prize: a Best in Show (BIS)




Classes where a dog competes against a perfect scorecard of 200. The dogs that score 170 or better and pass each component of the trial earn "legs" towards an obedience title. Three legs are required for each title. These titles include PCD, CD, CDX and UD and each require a score of 170 at three different shows. They must be acquired in the following order.

PCD - Pre- Companion Dog (optional)

CD – Companion Dog

CDX – Companion Dog Excellent

UD – Utility dog.

OTCH - Obedience Trial Champion! (A dog has completed CD, CDX, and UD!)

A new genre of obedience is started called Rally obedience with RN as the beginning level. This is new to Newfoundland and trials are expected to begin this summer; 2008.